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How to Build AI Responsibly | David Adkins Meta AI

How to Build AI Responsibly | David Adkins Meta AI

David Adkins is an experienced senior technology executive who leads engineering teams at Meta AI. David holds an MS in Computer Science from the University at Buffalo focused on machine learning. In this conversation we discuss

  • How to think about AI bias and fairness

  • Why AI Transparency, Explainability and Control are important

  • How Meta de-risked LLaMA

  • How to take AI Research to production and more.

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2:06 David’s Favorite Restaurant Sammy’s Fishbox

⏰ 2:40 Career Stories: David’s Journey

4:37 What David is working on at Meta AI

4:50 How to organize AI Teams

6:56 What is AI Bias and Fairness

8:52 How to build a Product with AI Fairness in mind

11:47 Examples of Fairness Mitigations in Meta Products

13:33 What’s Surprising about working on AI Fairness

16:05 What causes Bias in AI Products

19:19 How to Mitigate AI Problems when you’ve already launched

21:38 What is AI Transparency and Control

24:12 What is AI Explainability?

26:10 Why YOU should care about AI Transparency

31:00 What is surprising about working on AI Transparency

33:00 AI System Cards

37:30 Developing LLaMA Responsibly

39:30 How to de-risk large language models

43:06 How to do AI Research to production

46:51 What’s next for David

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